Would I need planning permission for this?

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Hello all,

This is my first post and I am hoping someone can advise me initially rather than paying the council at this point, and any response much appreciated.

I live in rural Devon on a farm in the original farmhouse. It is no longer attached to the farm though, as my father separated it 15 years ago so that we could build on an extension that would form an annexe for my parents and ownership became shared between myself and my parents. I now occupy the pre-extension part of the house with my family. The annexe was built in 2006 and occupies much the same foot print as the original house but is single storey height. It is joined to the main house, hence the ‘annexe’ designation.

My wife and I would like to build on with a single storey extension/orangery to contain a new, larger kitchen. I would envisage the building being 5 x 6 metres and set in our good sized garden to the east. There are no issues with any surrounding properties and the road to the side of the house is our private lane.

My question is – Would this need permission given the 2006 extension or would it fall as permitted development?

The linked Google photo shows the original house (lower) with the proposed extension position and my parents annexe above (with the conservatory attached).


Many thanks in advance.


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