Temporary Studio in AONB

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1 on 13th November 2018

Hi, I am trying to find out whether I need planning permission and what the planning guidelines are (specifically related to design, overall height, maximum square meterage) for:

– a temporary building (built on wheels, flat-packable or can be removed by trailer – much like a static caravan)
– to be used for 11 months of the year as a studio, not a permanent dwelling, or rented as a holiday let
– single storey, under 50 square meters
– on private land (farm land), more than 10 meters away from the main farm house, in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, as I am having specific problems finding anything through the planning portal that gives me a guideline on height. I know for an outbuilding I can build 2.5 m to the eaves and up to 4 m to the ridge of the roof, but does that also apply in an AONB and does this relate to overall height from the ground or the foundations of the building, also we are planning to use a site on the farm land that is further away than 10 m to the farm house ?

Thank you.

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0 on 15th November 2018

Hi JellysJellys,

The policies associated with a temporary building would depend on the site as well as the local council policies. 

At Urbanist Architecture, we specialise in obtaining planning permission for difficult sites. When you have a moment to spare, feel free to browse our success stories of our clients and what they have to say about our services alongside their reviews.

If you would like our assistance please feel free to contact us. Our senior planning consultant, Dr Doyle, would be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.

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