Static/self build on a smallholding

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I have a small holding consisting of stables (pp granted in 2003) an allotment and polytunnel on just under an acre of land which is used for grazing. The land has been rented since 1998 and I now have an informal agreement to purchase it. Permission for residential dwellings (submitted by the owner) was refused back in 1989 and I’ve been advised by a former council planning professional that it’s unlikely, but not impossible, that it might be granted again, if the current owner wanted to test value before selling to me (which is possible and, if granted, would price me out). The land falls just outside the village boundary but is sited next to 3 dwellings. Due to consecutive redundancies, I will not be in a position to get on to the property ladder for many years, so would love to be able to erect a small self-build or well-disguised static on this piece of land – nothing evasive, out of keeping or offensive to our neigbouring property (we have a good relationship with our neighbour who is supportive of this idea). We have unwelcome visitors to the stables fairly regularly so there are grounds on a security basis; I would also like to turn my allotment into a small veg box business (which I know comes with its own set of planning requirement… nothing is easy unless you’re already monied) which would add to the justification for being on site. My obvious question is, what is the likelihood of this ever being plausible? As a realist I expect never, but I’m exploring all avenues. I can give the local authority if it makes a difference.

Thanks for any input.

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