Shared access to my new development

Updated on 7th January 2019 in Planning Permission
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Can anyone give me any information on said problem.
I am in the process of plans for a new build in my garden. I have 2 problems to deal with:-
#1 My house is leasehold so I have to buy the freehold or ‘buy the right to build’. My ground rent is £15 annually for 999 years.First question- can they hold me to ransom for me to buy with the right to build or freehold?

#2 To get to my potential new dwelling I thought it was an adopted highways road, but it may be turning out that it is shared access between my neighbours number 40, number 38 and myself the last house at 36. What process do I need to take? My planning agent is looking into it but I would like to have other opinions.
Will I have to pay for the access from my neighbours or with the houses being leasehold. Will I have to ask permission from my leaseholder?
Thanks for any help

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