Rear extension planning refusal

Updated on 7th February 2017 in Planning Permission
1 on 16th June 2015

I have recently had a prior notification approval refused for my rear extension. My garage is attached to the house and offset, thus providing a side wall to the proposed extension. Officer says that this is classed as a rear and side extension and therefore refused based on the build being more than half the width of the original property. Is this right? My property isn’t increasing in footprint width at all. Lots of neighbouring properties have added full width conservatories utilising the garage wall as a side wall in these.

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0 on 7th February 2017

Hello Jodie,

It is not possible to determine feasibility without the address of the property. There are also other factors that need considering such as whether the extension is a one storey or two storey and whether you proposal fit in with boundary restrictions. For more information please contact me directly at

Kind Regards,
Alex T

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