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Updated on 12th February 2019 in Planning Permission
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Hi all.
30 years ago a pub wanted to extend to add B&B rooms. It was refused a couple of times because there was not sufficient parking spaces on the nearby roads.

It was eventually approved after the pub bought adjoining land and tarmacked it to provide parking spaces for staff, B&B residents and importantly, residents of houses that backed onto this land, land that was mainly waste land and used for washing lines etc.

Nearly all the local residents were not aware of this stipulation in the original planning consent. I’m probably the only one.

The pub changed hands a few of times and as it stands now the Pub and the carpark are owned separately by a couple.

Here’s the problem, the now owner of the carpark is renting carpark spaces for an unknown fee, to office workers and putting stickers on cars of people who have not rented or that are not in the pub.

Would the owner not have to notify the change of conditions to the local residents?

Yes! I’m one of the local residents. I do park in the car park and have always done so without any remark. I do so because that was what the carpark was intended for. I’m do use the pub and I am presuming they think that I am the only one who know the conditions of the original planning permission.

My wife got a sticker on her car this week. What do you think?

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