Planning Permission required or not?

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Good evening everyone,

I have a detached house which is currently used as an HMO in the Brent borough.

We have been advised by the council to install two windows, on the left side of the wall (if you face the front of the building on your left). One window would be facing directly at the wall of the adjoining neighbor, and the second window would be installed in the extension but potentially towards the adjoining neighbors kitchen.

We are happy to install an obscure window for lighting and ventilation with an opening on the top of the window to allow air to circulate and with obscure glazing there should be no breach of privacy.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to proceed with this and would I need to apply for planning permission, and if so what are the chances of it being approved?


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0 on 17th October 2020

Why are the council asking you to install these windows? If I understand correctly it is because you are the owner of the hmo and two of the bedrooms do not currently have windows? Either that or maybe the house wasn’t built to plans?

Anyway, the council are asking you to install these windows, but because it is on the side elevation they are requesting it to be glazed with level 4 or 5 obscurity as to not impact on the residential amenity of your neighbour. You won’t have to apply for permission to do this you can simply go ahead  but remember they must be either non opening or more than 1.7 metres above the floor level.

This is the case unless your house is listed or you are sited within a Conservation Area (type into google your local council + proposals map) to see if you are in a Conservation Area, and if you don’t know if your house is listed check Historic England’s listing.

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