Planning outside settlement boundary

Updated on 23rd April 2015 in Planning Permission
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Hi knowledgeable planning people,
I am looking to buy a piece of land that falls outside the local settlement boundary. The field is boardered by plots of land with houses on, on 3 sides, and a road runs along the 4th side. Across the road is another piece of land with a house on. Previously planning was refused on this land because it falls outside the settlement boundary of the area. I have a meeting with the local planners in a couple of weeks and would like to know what to ask, and what information would be useful to take with me to aid my cause.

I’m guessing there’s a good reason the land hasn’t been snapped up by a local builder already, however I would love to put a single dwelling on this plot (approx 2 acres). Any comments gratefully received. Matt.

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