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A little bit of a complex one this. I have a house that was originally 2 semi detached properties. Each house had 2 out buildings which were combined to make a double garage and a large garden.. No planning was needed as per the councils OK. The property is in a green belt area. The council are loathe to advise me on what is acceptable permitted development in respect of the increase of size of the 2 outbuildings. I would like to make it into a sufficient size of a 2 bed bungalow. They say that it can be “lived in”. I have the original plans which show a right of way to enable access to the rear of one of the joined properties. Could I split the area of land creating 2 separate properties, one the detached house the other the “new bungalow”?
I would appreciate any suggestion or guidance possible or would i be better approaching a planning consultancy?
Many thanks.

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