Permitted Development and principle elevation

Updated on 23rd April 2015 in Permitted Development
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I have recently obtained planning approval via appeal for a detached house the permitted development rights were left intact, the planning was kept simple ie no garage because that is what was advised by planners at a pre application meeting but the permission although recommended by the planners was refused at a planning committee meeting therefore the need to appeal, I want to put the footing in for a garage which I believe should be allowed under permitted rights when I excavate for the new house I will then construct the garage at a later date the new garage base will look no more than hard standing for parking at this stage.

My concern is that the gable wall faces the lane but the principle elevation with the front door in faces a private drive and another house ie the house will be built side on to the lane there were reasons for this which were agreed with the planners, therefore the new garage would protrude from the front of the house is it right that I should presume that the principle elevation is the gable that faces the lane and not the front of the house in this instance, I was wondering if anyone could clarify this for me Thanks.

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