Outside Seating Toilet Requirements

Updated on 7th February 2017 in Building Regulations
1 on 7th September 2015

I have a hot food takeaway shop with outside area which could hold 30 6 seater picnic tables. I don’t want to put public toilets in. The nearest public toilets are about 200 yards away. I can not find specific regulations about solely outside seating area toilet requirements. Does anyone know where I will find the law on this topic?

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0 on 7th February 2017

Hello Jimmy,

It is likely the case that establishments with anything more than a 10-seat threshold may be required to provide toilets for their customers after a high court ruling saw two branches of Greggs lose a legal battle with Hull Council. Although, without knowing the location of your property it is impossible to give the most informed answer. If you would like further information please contact me directly at alext@drawingandplanning.com

Kind Regards,

Alex T

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