Outline requirements

Updated on 20th February 2018 in Planning Permission
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Wasn’t sure how to title this so apologies if it isn’t on the ball.

If one owns a piece of land where the eventual intention is to build lets say 5-10 houses, must the outline application detail this giving outline drawings IF:

A. Only one house at a time is going to be constructed
B. The total number of houses to be constructed isn’t set

Broadly speaking lets say this is because the idea is for a co-operative to develop the land, and that although the original proposal might be for 19 houses, after the first 5 or 6 say are built, the occupiers at that point decided to buy the land and make community use of it. Clearly in this example there isn’t the need for a full application for all ‘potential’ units

Is it simply less complicated to do this on a case by case basis

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