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I submitted application for certificate of lawfulness for a proposed rear outbuilding.

Here are size details

Land Around the House (Excluding the House)

373.61 Square Meter

Total Size of the House is : 49.12 Square Meter

In my application i proposed the size of rear out building to build : 52.75 Square Meter

My Planning application has been refused because it is larger by 3.63 Square Meter from my house. They did raise few other questions , which i cleared after point more detail information.

52.75 Square Meter (Outbuilding) – 49.12 Square Meter (House) = 3.63 Square Meter

I need clarification on following points.
I thought outbuilding size was based on the area of land around the original house.

As stated on the Planning Portal.

“No more than half the area of land around the “original house”* would be covered by additions or other buildings.”

If this is the case then my planning for outbuilding should be allowed because

Land Around the House (Excluding the House)
373.61 Square Meter

However Planning Officer advised that Area for Outbuilding is based on size of Original House.

Can someone please confirm which one is correct on this First Point.

I also need clarification on second point.

On following link Planning portal provides House Holders techanical Guidance.

Page 39 of this guide starts following

“The total area of ground around the house covered by buildings, enclosures and containers must not exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. The 50% figure must also take account of any extensions to the original house under Class A of the permitted development rules or any extension to the original house that has been granted planning permission. The 50% limit excludes the area covered by the house as originally built but does include any separate detached buildings built prior to 1948 (e.g. a detached garage).”

House has garage which was build with the house. However Garage is is not attached the house.

Size of the House : 49.12 Square Meter
Garage Size : 17.48 Square Meter

Total Size : 66.6 Square Meter

If Garage size is also included into the size of the House then my application should have been accepted.

Planning Officer told me file a new application with correct size.

I dont understand why this one change can be manged under appeal process.

Can you please give me your advice, what shall i do and where i am going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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