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Hi All,

Hoping some kind persons on here can offer some planning advice.

We’ve applied for planning permission on a property we’re in the middle of purchasing (applied in advance of completing as we’re currently in temp. accommodation so hoping to get on the with build quickly).

We’ve had two neighbours put in some objections and not sure what that means in terms of our application or if it means it will get rejected now?

I’ve linked below the application drawings and the objections it would be great to get your thoughts on likelihood?





Other useful info:

  • The house is in terrible state – current owners have moved into a care home so we’re looking at a full renovation. Garden is significantly over-grown.
  • Our front garden is half grass half driveway. We’re looking to convert into full driveway – identical to what both our neighbours have done – including the objectors.
  • The ground floor windows complained about look directly at an existing boundary wall between the two properties – rather than into their garden/lounge as they’ve stated (it would do if there was no wall in between).
  • The objector has done a double story side extension similar to ourselves (many years ago)
  • We discussed our plans with the neighbours before putting the offer in on the house and unfortunately at that time they raised no concerns.

Just looking to see how much weight these objections might have and whether we should be re-considering the property. It concerns us as the objection is so formal and done by a planning consultant!

Really stressful time for us right now so super appreciative of any advice!!



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