Neighbour wants to build single storey side extension from outrigger

Updated on 4th May 2017 in Planning Objections
0 on 4th May 2017

Neighbour wishes to build a single storey extension of 4m, this will be to accommodate an elderly disabled relative and at a later date be converted into a larger kitchen.  He has approached me to demolish the party wall and to rebuild as part of the extension.  I will be refusing this as the wall is approx 7ft from my kitchen window. My main concern is that this will significantly narrow the gap between the two outriggers causing a reduction in light and view. I am also concerned that should i come to sell my property which i am thinking of doing in 5years this will reflect in the value. The neighbour has “added” small extensions to the property on the other side which is being used as a business (i was informed by planning that they did not apply for permission for this). I really do not wish this extension to be built and really need to know what steps i should take, i have approached planning but they say they cannot “advise” me which seems really odd!  Hope you can help as i do not wish the extension to be built and then be told “ah but if you had done a/b/c then it wouldnt have happened!!  Thanks.

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