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Hi my parents own a farm and at the far end of the land is on old farm house and its outbuildings. These buildings were struck by fire over 20 years ago and have laid to ruin since. Some of the walls still exist to approx 6 feet in places. However it has become rather overgrown. The area is classed as greenbelt (it’s not  in the middle of the countryside you can see a housing estate from the plot, but the proposed building could be positioned behind the trees so they cannot see us!). I know its highly unlikely that we would get planning permission to re-build the original barn or farm house. Therefore do i need planning permission to build a log cabin here and if so would i be more likely to get this rebuilding the abandoned farmhouse, (i could class is as a holiday home if this helps). Or would I be better trying to get permission for a static caravan? Thank you

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0 on 8th October 2015

To be quite honest the NPPF (national planning policy framework) has an exception to dwellings in the Greenbelt. Greenbelt isn’t about screening from trees or buildings but about restricting sprawl between built up areas. One exception is the partial or complete redevelopment of previously developed land (which would be redundant buildings in your case). So long as the proposal does not have a ‘greater impact on the openness of the Greenbelt’.

Our experience is that log cabin/caravans are inappropriate in the greenbelt where this still constitutes new development (even if they are temporary), while there may be a slight chance, it is more likely to be successful to convert or rebuild the existing farm buildings (inc. outbuildings for future sale?) where this is not innapropriate within the Greenbelt. 

Secondly, if the Local Council have a poor housing land supply issue this helps too, as a secondary justification.

Where are you based and what district? 

We would be more than happy to provide you with further advice dan.stiff@bbap.eu


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1 on 7th February 2017

Hello Zoe,

In answer to your question, in this particular instance, I think planning permission on the original building is still an option. Greenbelt is in place to stop neighbouring towns merging together and stop development sprawling into the countryside, as this is planning permission for a building already in existence rather than asking permission for a new development it may be possible for the permission to be granted regardless of whether it resides in a greenbelt area.

However, log cabins and mobile homes are less likely to be granted permission as they constitute as new development. Having said this, it is not possible to determine the feasibility without knowing the address of the property. Should you require any further information please contact me on alext@drawingandplanning.com

Kind Regards,

Alex T

on 15th July 2017

depends wot u are hoping for i have scanked  a caravan in greenbelt but u av to no the drill

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