Loft Conversion under PD plus side extension under Planning

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice or examples of other peoples experience on this.

I have produced drawings a few times for projects where we are creating a hip to gable loft conversion and a two storey side extension.  The first time I did this I put one application in for planning.  Was told to remove the loft conversion hip to gable element as this was PD and they would not approve it under planning. So submitted a separate lawful development app for the loft and then a planning app for the side extension.  Both of these applications showed their respective extensions on the house as existing.  (the loft app did not show the side extension and vice versa)

This was fine and was the way I proceeded from then on.  Until now.

The last application I submitted in the same way as above is about to get underway on site.  The builder has approached the planning officer to check everything is ok and has been told that the planning application drawings are incorrect if he builds the loft conversion first.  The planning drawings do not show the hip to gable which would exist by the time they build the side extension.  I then asked the planning officer can I just amend the planning application drawings to show the loft conversion and get that application underway.  I was told no.  I can’t show the loft conversion on the planning drawings as it is not built yet.  I was told that the only way forward is for us to build the loft conversion hip to gable to completion.  Then apply for the amended planning application showing the loft along with the new side extension.  Then we can build the side extension once planning approval is given.  Needless to say the builder will not want to stop the job for 8 weeks to wait for the planning application.

A previous planning officer told me that technically the above is correct but in practice they would not expect people to halt work for 8 weeks.

I understand logic of the planning officer but surely there is a way for common sense to prevail.  They can build the loft conversion and they can build the side extension.  We have approvals.  Technically we could build the side extension first using the existing planning permission then demolish the roof of it and build the loft conversion.  Obviously this is a stupid way of doing it but it could be done legally under the existing approvals.  So what is the point of planning causing this delay on a technicality?

Anyone previously fought this battle?

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