Legal definition of red line after application approved

Updated on 27th January 2021 in Change Of Use
0 on 27th January 2021


Can anybody point me to a legal definition of the red line on a planning application, in this case for change of use. I have read several, which all talk about the area of the site for the application and access to buld etc.

Does the red line have any significance after the application has been passed and in our case the change of use is now in exisitence?

We assumed that all business use, that is to do with the change of use, shoud take part within the area of the red line that was applied for.

We sent off 15 “breaches” of this red line to our LPA and basically the enforcement officer has said they can do what they are doing outside of the red line.

They had the red line to prove sole use over 10 years, we disagreed but that’s another matter, and now they are using the whole 25 acres instead of just 14 acres.

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