Integral garage conversion

Updated on 5th October 2020 in Planning Permission
1 on 9th September 2020

I wanted to convert my integral garage into a living space and enquired at the council as to whether I needed permission. I got this reply

From a review of the planning history I note that when the house was granted planning permission under xxxxx, it contained a number of planning conditions, one of which (Condition 9) specifically stated that the garage(s) hereby permitted shall be maintained in use as (a) garage(s) and shall not be used adapted or converted in any way, for any use, domestic or otherwise without the express consent of the Local Planning Authority. The planning permission granted for the dwelling also removed the rights to enlarge, improve or make other alterations to the dwelling (Condition 7). Notwithstanding the above planning conditions which preclude conversion of the garage, the proposal to convert the integral garage to a separate unit of self-contained accommodation would in any case require planning permission

Does this mean I cant do anything to it. I am not trying to extend in any way and cant quite work out why this order would be there only to assume it was done to take away permitted development rights. Does it mean I just have to make an application or that any application will be rejected because of this condition. Very confused as I haven’t parked a car in this garage for years and it is just an empty space and in a private road, so cant see the parking issues, if that’s why the condition was there. help please

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0 on 5th October 2020

You don’t need permission if you are just going to do up the interior of your garage and make it more habitable, or park a car. If I have understood correctly, you have made the council believe you would turn the garage into a separate dwelling.

If you are trying to make it into a separate dwelling, you cannot without getting planning permission.

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