Help! :( restrospective planning permission/4year rule?

Updated on 18th July 2018 in Planning Permission
0 on 18th July 2018

Hi all

I will try and keep this short as possible, i had a loft extension done back in 2010 i was at the time not aware i needed planning permission the builders told me there was no need for it. i was then served a enforcement notice in 2012 telling me i had to remove the extension to its original state. i have now July 2018 been served with a summons order to attend court next month because i failed to comply with the notice of removing the extension i would like to know if i could apply for restrospective planning permission? or is it too late ? is there anything that can be done i cannot afford to remove the extension and terrified of what will happen to me in court.

Thank you in advance for your help

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