Distance from boundary for detached house

Updated on 28th January 2019 in Planning Permission
0 on 28th January 2019

We have bought a detached house and  are planning a major renovation or potentially a demolition and new build. The house currently has a garage that we’d like to convert into part of the house and also build on top of to create a first floor extension.

Our question is how close are we allowed to build, both on the ground and first floor, to the boundary and the neighbouring house in order to maximum the width of our property.

The garage is currently approximately 30cm from our boundary. If we renovated the house would we be able to keep the existing garage external wall line on the ground floor? Would the first floor need to step back more from the boundary? If we demolished the house and did a new build how far would we have to be from the boundary on both floors, i.e. would we potentially lose some living space that we wouldn’t if we renovated?

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