Detached Garage to a self-contained annex

Updated on 5th October 2020 in Planning Permission
1 on 4th May 2020

Hi All

Would love some advise and tips. We have a detached garage (Not connected to the house) at the bottom of our drive. If is not a double but a large single. We are looking at changing the garage into a self-contained annexe for my son and his girlfriend.

Just a 1 bedroom annexe with a small kitchen and small bathroom. I am a complete novas on this and would love some advise…

Do i need planning? can we add a small extension onto it? is there any regs around how big a bathroom and kitchen has to be? Is there any regs how close a kitchen and bathroom can be? Do we need a certain number of exits?

It would be gas bottle fed and have electric supplied from the main house…

Can someone just give me a little bit of advise in novas terms..

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0 on 5th October 2020

You need to apply for planning permission but you will have to write saying that it is to be used as an annex for your son and to attach a condition that would make the garage go back to its original state after a set amount of time.

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