Detached Garage to a self-contained annex

Updated on 4th May 2020 in Planning Permission
0 on 4th May 2020

Hi All

Would love some advise and tips. We have a detached garage (Not connected to the house) at the bottom of our drive. If is not a double but a large single. We are looking at changing the garage into a self-contained annexe for my son and his girlfriend.

Just a 1 bedroom annexe with a small kitchen and small bathroom. I am a complete novas on this and would love some advise…

Do i need planning? can we add a small extension onto it? is there any regs around how big a bathroom and kitchen has to be? Is there any regs how close a kitchen and bathroom can be? Do we need a certain number of exits?

It would be gas bottle fed and have electric supplied from the main house…

Can someone just give me a little bit of advise in novas terms..

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