Dementia Care Home wants to expand into semi detached neighbour

Updated on 17th February 2017 in Planning Objections
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We have been put into a situation with our house that we’re not quite sure what to do.

We own a large semi-detached Victorian house, the other side of which is next door to a detached, fairly substantial nursing home which caters for dementia patients.  The home is made up of a terrace of three houses which they have expanded onto another previously detached house, so it has a pretty large frontage already.

The nursing home have decided they wish to expand.  Their proposal to do this is to buy our adjoining neighbour’s house from them and build across the gap to make it part of their existing property.

Obviously, this is terrible for us.  We have a young family (5 year old and a 5 month old) and quite apart from the renovation it would mean them growing up subjected to the noise of dementia patients.  Additionally, our house goes from being a nice semi detached to an end of terrace on the end of a massive dementia home.  Hardly a desirable purchase should we ever wish to sell.

They’ve come round to discuss these “preliminary plans” they have.  Our response has been that we would clearly object to this as it brings nothing but negatives for us and that we would rather sell our house to them than they go ahead.

We’ve spoken with our neighbours who said that they’re not hugely keen to sell and would only do so if the money was right.  The trouble is, our street offers really good value for the area.  Our houses were approx. £200K – for similar sized houses on other streets you really are looking at £270K+.

Our trouble is, we don’t really know where we stand and we’re not really in control of what happens here.  They haven’t specifically asked to buy our house, so clearly it’s not their preferred option.  My question really is:

Does it sound likely that they would be granted permission to go ahead with their plan A of buying the neighbours’ house and converting it?  Do we have a strong case – as an individual house – of standing in their way given that they will massively impact our lives?  It is our opinion that something such as a dementia home should be a detached property – is it likely our local authority will share this view?


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