Councillor involvement through planning application stage and onwards

Updated on 1st November 2017 in London Council's
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How much involvement does a Cllr need with a planning application to “cross the line” and have a vested interest?

A Cllr is close friends with person X who submitted a planning application within the same Borough. They used to co-direct a company together (which has since dissolved but still operating under the same name). The Cllr has since negotiated the S106 to remove charges; worked with BC to discharge conditions; has represented person X in meetings; and is now (despite stating he is in agreement with the Council), suggesting the applicant appeals a CIL charge through the PINS (most likely a delay tactic). Despite negotiating the S106 and fighting the CIL charge, both remain unpaid after a year.

It is becoming more and more apparent said Cllr is not acting in public interest, and is rather acting as a planner. They have not stated this development as a pecuniary/non-pecuniary interest and are therefore breaching code of conduct for Members.

How could I move forward?

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