Conservatory – planning permission needed?

Updated on 24th April 2015 in Planning Permission
0 on 24th April 2015

I have a 1930’s 3 bed semi with a recent loft conversion to add a 4th bedroom. Conversion was done under permitted development and uses pretty much the whole 50m3 allowed.

Now I want to add a conservatory at the back. Do I now need Planning Permission for a conservatory extending 3m from rear wall (but less than 50m2 in area)?

Can I go further out? Also, as the garden slopes away from the house, I would need to add a retaining wall about 4m from house to create level patio area for the conservatory to sit within. The retaining wall would end up about 1m high due to the slope. Any permission needed for this?

Advice is welcome. thanks.

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