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Updated on 8th May 2019 in Permitted Development
1 on 29th March 2019

I have a question I’m looking for advice on.
I have a timber agricultural building that was lawfully built with an area of 650 sq.m, It was in use before march 2013 and qualified for class Q up until it was damaged by fire in November 2017. It suffered mainly roof damage and lost 75ft of its 120ft length. I have been refused permission on the 45ft that remains due to significant rebuilding works need to close in the exposed end. So, My question is, Can I rebuild the building to its exact size and specification that was granted in the 90s when it was built? In my mind it will then be the same building that was there prior to the fire. Any advice will be appreciated.

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0 on 8th May 2019

Hi Torrbrookfarm,

That is a good question. I would suggest talking to the duty officer at your local council for their opinion as that would be the safest option! 

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