Change of use

Updated on 23rd April 2015 in Planning Permission
0 on 23rd April 2015

About to exchange on property we are buying and have discovered half the property is residential but the other half has existing planning permission for holiday lets and an office only.

We would want to use the latter half for residential as well (think this might be change from class C1 to C3). Local council want £50 and 4 weeks to give reply as to likelihood and do not do appointments. An opinion of a member of the planning department having quickly looked up the original planning permission was that it was unlikely to be granted due to the final residential size use of the property being over some limit for the rural area. This makes no sense; the house will not be changed internally or externally,

how can a house be too big? Anyone heard of this one? Not sure we want to proceed as if we can’t change the use the property will be of no use to us.

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