Change of Use from Holiday lets to residential

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1 on 10th May 2018

I applied for change of use of three holiday lets to one, three bedroom house after bookings dropped over a period of a year following the closure of a nearby wedding venue and another wedding venue building their own holiday lets,  the impact was great as the wedding venue guest booking were our main revenue stream
We are now running at a loss hence the change of use application.

The holiday are part part of the same title as the cottage we live in so I put the cottage and the holiday lets up for sale together eight months ago, but have had no interest.

i was contacted on the last day of the  eight week application process late in the afternoon and given the choice of withdrawing the application or refusal,  so I withdrew the application.

The reason I was not given permission was that I did not robustly prove that I had done everything I could to market the holiday lets, even though I provided evidence of bookings websites we use, including our own, details of social media page, local advertising etc etc, apparently that was not enough and my accounts did not show a big budget for advertising.  I explained it does not cost much to advertise on the internet and in any case we were now in our overdraft, so have no budget to speak of.  Also we have been told that we must do everything we can to market the holiday lets separately at a realistic price.

Is it normal for a council to request you sell the building rather than change of use to residential.  The property is on the edge of a village, and not in a conservation area.

Anyone heard of this before?

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0 on 5th July 2018

I’d need to look at the original planning permission for the holiday lets – and I’d need to ‘see’ the planning unit so would need the application reference number.  Which Council is your Local Planning Authority? you would still have the option to resubmit your application and appeal to the planning inspectorate if the application is refused by your LPA.

In short, this also depends whether you are sub dividing an existing single planning unit? 3 holiday lets to residential implies an amalgamation of the 3 units (in 1 building?) more detail required… (starting with the original planning application).

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