Basement Planning Permission

Updated on 22nd April 2015 in Planning Permission
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I’m demolishing and rebuilding my house, which I have planning permission for. I have now applied for a basement. The council have made us submit as a whole new application including the house that we already have permission for. The house is not in London and there is already 1 basement in the street.

Objections have started to come in, most to the house we already have permission for. My question is what are actual valid objections to a basement?

Basement Plan
The basement can’t be seen from the street, so doesn’t affect street scene. There is an amendment to the existing application to put a fire exit door in at the top of the stairs to the basement on the ground floor level.

There will be no direct external access or windows to the basement. The basement will only extend under half of what was the original house plot size and will not be under the new single storey extension. So the basement will be about 1/3 the size of the ground floor.
The garden size will not be affected. None of the space will be used as bedrooms. 3 rooms (gym, storage, cinema) and a toilet. We are on a hill so no flood risk.

Just want to be prepared if/when we get dragged back to committee again.

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