b1 to c3 permitted development

Updated on 23rd April 2015 in Permitted Development
0 on 23rd April 2015

We have submitted a notification of intent to change from b1 office to c3 residential on a small office and workshop that we own, having had a planning application refused. scant information about what qualifies and our council is now taking legal advice as they had not seen one before and had no clue how to process it. i can’t find an exact definition of b1a office and don’t know if they are going to challenge it. can anyone say whether we seem to be in the correct category to qualify?
it is a small property, under 500sqm, and we use it for general office purposes for the admin of my self employed husband, post comes here, i process invoices and have the business phone here, we are not open to public and our files are all held here too, does it sound ok? and is anyone else currently negotiating such a change.. any info or tips at this stage would be great as even the council are unable to advise!

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