Archway in front garden?

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Hello there, can you please advise.
I have a large paved front garden.  Can i build an archway near the house, or do i need planning permission?  The archway would be over 4 meters from the front boundary.  My house is the last house in a cul de sac with pavement and dead end road to the front.  Just bought the property, but the front garden is so boring and I want to add some height and interest.

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1 on 27th June 2018

Hi Pip,

In answer to your question, you will need to apply for planning permission as your new archway would be over 4 meters from the front boundary.

You won’t need to apply for planning permission if your new archway would be below 1.8 metres high. You could also plant some climbing plants which could add depth and interest to your garden. Or you would like to alter, maintain or improve existing gate (no matter how high) so long as there is no increase in its height, you won’t need to apply for planning permission. 

If you need more information regarding Fences, Gates and Garden Walls, please have a further look here:

I hope this may help you.

Kind regards,

Vi P

on 5th July 2018

Pip/Viphan, sounds like you proposed ‘Archway’ would not form part of a ‘Gate, Fence, Wall or ‘other means of enclosure’ i.e. is it a free-standing structure? is it forward of the principal evelavation of your home? technically it may require planning but…
Sounds harmless enough to me and you could just go ahead with it, at worst you’ll be asked to submit a retrospective application – although I’d say the planning enforcement officers would not be interested and it sounds to me that it would not be expedient for them to pursue.

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